At Root, we believe car insurance should be fair.

At Root, we believe car insurance should be fair.
Our mission at Root is to unbreak the car insurance industry one policy at a time. As a company, we put a lot of thought and focus into what it means to offer fair auto insurance, whether we’re talking fair plans, fair pricing, or fairer risk assessment.

A lot of traditional car insurance companies base your rate on factors that have nothing to do with your driving—from where you live to your credit score, marital status, and age. That doesn’t seem fair.

And although Root takes these factors into consideration when pricing your insurance—we use several standard factors that are mathematically predictive of risk—we look first and foremost at how you actually drive, using your test drive through the Root app.

That’s because your driving habits are the most fair and reliable indicator of whether you’re a good driver, and therefore, a good risk. Do you tailgate other drivers, or text and drive? If you’re unsafe behind the wheel, that matters to us. Taking the Root test drive is easy; changing your demographics is not.

During the test drive, our app measures your day-to-day driving behaviors. From that data, we calculate your driving score. Your score is the main factor that decides your Root car insurance rate.

So, if you’re a safe driver, you could save more at Root, especially when compared with traditional insurance companies that don’t take how you drive into consideration.

Good drivers deserve better rates. That’s fair.

It’s not fair for you to pay more for bad drivers.

Our technology empowers us to offer customers fair car insurance. We use your test drive to determine if you’re a good driver—the only kind of driver we insure. 

That’s because the worst 30% of drivers are responsible for nearly 45% of all accident costs.[1] This means that the bottom tier of bad drivers are responsible for the lion’s share of accident expenses—and it’s why traditional car insurance can get so expensive.

We don’t insure high-risk drivers, and that decreases the accidents we have to pay for by almost 45%. When we remove the worst 30% of drivers from the equation, fewer accidents happen, and we pay less in claims. That savings is passed onto our customers, because they aren’t paying for accidents caused by bad drivers.

Paying less for your car insurance by not paying for the careless driving of others—that’s fair


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