Bisnakandi (বিছনাকান্দি)

Bisanakandi Sylhet is far from the city. Bichnakandi is a beautiful and boundless land located in Gowainghat Upazila, Sylhet. Stones and rocks are scattered throughout Bichnakandi. It looks like a sack wrapped in a drawstring. This is a wonderful beauty, and she stayed up all night. Seeing this beauty, her fatigue disappeared in an instant. Step into the water of the fountain that flows from the mountains of Meghalaya and it seems that all the peace of the world is here. The true beauty of Bichnakandi cannot be seen during the dry season. During the rainy season, the slope of the water makes this place enchanting. In addition to the rocks under the cool water, the hairs on his body can be clearly seen. You’ve probably lost count of the time you spend lying on water beds, taking pictures, and showering. The beauty of Bichnakandi is extraordinary. There are only rocks and mountains up to the last border of the line of sight. From a distance, it seems that the clouds in the sky are mixed with the mountains. The closer you are to the mountains, the farther you are from the sky. And the unbridled white clouds on the mountain seem to be as lingering as eighteen.

How to go to Bisanakandi:


Buses- (From Gaptoli, Fakirapul, Sayedabad)

  • Greenline
  • Saudi Arabia
  • S Alam
  • Shyamoli

Cost: AC Bus BDT 1200 and with non-AC, it will take BDT 570 (Approx) Up to Sylhet.


Trains- (from Kamalapur, Airport Railway Station)

  • Upabon
  • Jayantika
  • Parabat or Kalni Express

Cost: AC BDT 610.00 with non-AC BDT 320.00 (Approx) Up to Sylhet.


Flights- (from Shahjalal International Airport)

  • Regent Air
  • United Air
  • Novo Air
  • US Bangla

Cost: Cost depends on time.

Sylhet To Bisanakandi:

  • Amberkhana Point in Sylhet city -> ( By CNG ) Hadarpar [1200 BDTK  five people / 120 Per person Approx]-> ( By Boat) Bichnakandi [Panthumai and Lakshanchhara visiting place must need to be included in the time of boat hire] cost: 1500 BDTK (Approx)

30- 40 min distance. Better visit it in the rainy season. Also can be reached on Bichnakandi by walk in the dry season


  • Distance from downtown is not that much far so It’s better to have take accommodation in Sylhet town.


There are three good dining hotels in Zinda Bazar, Sylhet. The hotels are five brothers, panshi and palanquin. There are about 29 types of fillings in these.

The benefits of traveling to Bisanakandiare-

  • Skilled travel guide
  • Luxury resort and healthy food
  • Improved travel facilities
  • Suitable for spending time with family, couples, and friends
  • Beautiful and picturesque nature
  • Camping facilities
  • Boat Journey


  • Take an umbrella or raincoat if necessary
  • If you do not know how to swim, don’t jump into the water
  • Definitely take a life jacket

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