Black triplets born in white family are already 3 years old: How the unusual family lives now

Black triplets born in white family are already 3 years old: How the unusual family lives now

Rachel and Aaron Holbert from Mississippi have a typical European appearance. This couple has five children. Unlike their parents, all babies have dark skin, black hair and eyes. Three years ago, Rachel gave birth to triplets – girls with a typical African American appearance. How did such an amazing event happen? As a result of physiological reasons, Rachel could not conceive naturally.


And then the woman and her husband decided to adopt the baby. They knew that, as a rule, children with European appearance get into foster families. Rachel and Aaron contacted Special Services. They immediately stated that they would like to adopt an African American baby. So the Holbert family had two adopted children – a boy and a girl.


An unusual couple often attracted the attention of people because of the skin color of the kids. Aaron recalls that his family often caught the contemptuous glances of elderly women with European appearance. But not always the reaction of others was negative. For example, one young African-American woman cried when a man said that the swarthy boy was his son. And an elderly doctor with a European appearance, to whom they brought the child, treated the baby very reverently.


In 2015, the couple decided to “adopt” their unborn babies. Thanks to the National Embryo Donation Center, a woman can carry a baby that would otherwise be aborted. When Rachel was implanted with twins, for the first time she managed to experience such a life experience as pregnancy. During the ultrasound examination, it turned out that the expectant mother was not carrying twins, but triplets.


This news was a pleasant surprise for the spouses. Aaron claims that friends and relatives supported them in the decision to create such an unusual family. On April 17, 2016, Rachel gave birth to three daughters. The girls were named Riley, Whitney and Ann Waveri. They have a typical African American appearance. When the couple had triplets, the adopted son was three years old, and the eldest daughter was two. Aaron and Rachel, who live in Honduras, are quite happy with the way their lives have turned out.


The man says that this is not quite what he and his future wife dreamed of twelve years ago when they first met and talked about adoption. Despite the mixed reactions from others, the couple are very happy that they gave African American children the opportunity to live in decent conditions, in a loving family.


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