Car insurance payment options at Root

Car insurance payment options at Root
Want to change how or when you pay for your policy? We make it easy. At Root, we make car insurance that’s all about you. We put you in control of your price by making driving behavior the number one factor in your rate, and we make managing your policy simple, putting everything from updating coverages to paying for your policy conveniently in the Root Insurance app.

But to truly put you in control of your Root experience, we’re listening—and one important thing our drivers asked for is more flexibility around payments.

So, we’ve done just that.

Is it better to pay car insurance in full or monthly?

When you get a Root policy, you can choose if you want to pay monthly or for your 6-month term upfront. Choosing to pay monthly for car insurance can help by breaking up your premium into smaller amounts that you pay on the same day of each month. Or you can pay for the entire 6-month term upfront and get a discount on your rate—a pretty nice perk.

But what if you change your mind? What makes sense for you today might not work for you 6 months from now, so we give you options to make the best choices for you.

  • If you pay monthly, you can choose to pay off the remaining premium (outstanding balance) on your policy term at any time. Even better? You’ll get a discount on the balance.

  • If you paid for the full 6-month term, you can choose to switch to monthly payments for the next term, rather than paying in full again.

Changing my payment date

Sometimes, you just need to change your payment date for a month. At Root, you can change your payment draft date for a particular month to be up to 5 days earlier or up to 5 days later than originally scheduled. You can make that change conveniently in the Root app, under Payments.

How do I pay for my policy?

We provide several options to make paying for your policy easier for you.

  • The app: With just a few taps, you can add your preferred payment method and when you want to pay right in the app. Change how and when you pay for your policy in the app anytime.

  • Automatic payments: All payments in the app are automatically withdrawn from your account on your scheduled payment date, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay on time.

  • Payment methods: You can choose to use a credit card or ApplePay to pay for your policy. Need to change your payment method? You can do that right in the app.

At Root, all of our car insurance payment options are designed to provide ease and flexibility, so you can always make the right choice for you—each month, and each policy term.

Ready to see if Root car insurance is the right choice for you? Start your quote and see if your good driving could save you hundreds.


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