Daughter asks mom to buy shoes for classmate in need and mom does her one better

Daughter asks mom to buy shoes for classmate in need and mom does her one better

A positive ripple effect always follows acts of kindness.

When Carrie Jernigan went to buy last-minute shopping, she came across a soon-to-be closing store and buying summer deals.

So they went into Payless Store and checked the aisles for a good shoe bargain.

As we all know, some stores do have sales.

This is a good thing for those who seek great bargains at stores at a cheaper price!

The mother of three bought some shoes for her kids, and while at the store, her 9-year-old daughter Harper thought of giving a pair of shoes to her friend at school.

The idea sparked a greater purpose.
“I know he likes Avengers, and I saw some Avengers shoes, and I said, ‘Hey, Mom, could you buy these for my friend?’” Harper shared during an interview.

Jernigan, a lawyer and local school board president in Alma, Arkansas, never hesitated on the request.

She jokingly asked the clerk, “How much for the rest of the shoes in here?”

The clerk was dumbfounded when Jernigan asked her.
But went ahead and punched in a few pairs of shoes they selected.

The clerk asked for her number instead of selling all the remaining shoes at the store.

A few hours later, she got a call telling her that all the stocks at the store were hers if she wanted them.

And, yes, she did!
Jernigan was given about 1,500 pairs of shoes that day.

When asked where they decided to give the shoes, Harper said, “We are going to give them away at middle school.”

What a terrific way to start school by being an excellent and friendly kid!

This straightforward gesture eventually became an excellent way to help other children in need of school supplies in the Arkansas community.

As weeks passed, more donations had come in, ranging from school supplies to cash.


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