Is Vin Diesel has Really too Much Fat? Shocking Update About Vin Diesel.

Is Vin Diesel has Really too Much Fat? Shocking Update About Vin Diesel.

Is Vin Diesel has Really too Much Fat? Shocking Update About Vin Diesel.
He might seem like the toughest man in show business, but that doesn’t give anyone a free pass to pile on Vin Diesel.
Over the years, Vin has consistently presented himself as a bullheaded, gruff, macho figure who has never let anything faze him. He’s the enduring, beloved face of the wildly successful Fast & Furious franchise and has essentially built an entire career off of a hype masculine persona that dominates both on and off the screen.

His deep gravelly voice, his buff, broad-shouldered physique, and his propensity for action movie work have all contributed to his formidable image, a man you wouldn’t want to cross under any circumstances. Unfortunately, people have and will continue to do so. No man is safe in a judgmental, tabloid-oriented culture profiting off public outrage, hate, and negativity. You’d never expect the trolls to target Vin, but when he gained weight, they unleashed on him at full throttle.
Vin’s experience on the receiving end not only lays bare the larger issue of male body-shaming but also tells us a thing or two about his emotional resilience.
On September 7, 2021, the Daily Mail ran a story headlined “The Fat And The Furious! Shirtless Vin Diesel, 54, proudly displays his dad bod on yacht trip with Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Pereg – after revealing he relaxes his figure between roles.”

The piece featured close-up photos of the bare-chested actor lounging atop a yacht, with his slightly plump tummy flopping out. There’s nothing sensationalist or scandalous about a man appearing slightly heavy during vacation; everyone is known to let it go when they’re away from the hustle and bustle of work.

You want to savor the time with your loved ones, eat to your heart’s content, and not have to worry about the pressures of maintaining a certain body type. Vin’s allowed to have fun like everyone else. Just because you’re an enormous movie star doesn’t mean you have to live up to people’s expectations off the clock.

The story also included a caption saying Vin “proudly showcased his ‘dad bod.’” First of all, how is he in any way “proudly” showing off his figure? The 54-year-old actor is relaxing on a yacht with his friends and family, not advertising his body or ‘showcasing’ it like it’s a prized jewel.

If the paparazzi happen to catch him in a deeply unflattering pose as he’s actively trying to avoid the spotlight, it’s not his fault. He doesn’t deserve the criticism — he’s the one who had his privacy invaded. Therefore he doesn’t have to offer any explanations about his body as it’s not a sight for the public to see or consume.

I get it, you know? I mean, a) I don’t have to be in front of the camera for a couple months and b) I really am a dad […] I’m okay because I’ve had the best body in New York City for decades.

This isn’t Vin’s first rodeo, either. He’s gained weight multiple times over the years, usually in his time off between movies. The Dad Bod jokes abound, of course, but Vin wears the label with pride. “I really am a dad,” said Vin to Complex Magazine.


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