Lalakhal divisional town is located at Jaintapur in Sylhet upazila. Located at a distance of about 35 km from Sylhet, the Lalakhal River originates in the Cherrapunji Hills of India and enters Bangladesh.

All that is spectacular in Lalakhale-

  • The river
  • Mountain forest
  • Tea-garden
  • Various species of trees

Especially in the full moon, it is very beautiful to see the moon-washed river or the clouds, the mountains and the confluence of the rivers. Due to the muddy water of the canal during the rainy season, it is best to visit Lalakhal from November to March.


Blue, green and clear water can be seen in different parts of Lalakhal.

The 45 minute journey will fascinate you.

How to go to Lalakhal

First Dhaka to Syhlet


Bus Stands in Dhaka-

  • Gabtali
  • Fakirapul
  • Sayedabad
  • Mohakhali


  • Greenline
  • Saudiya
  • S Alam
  • Shyamoli
  • Ena


Trains from Kamalapur or Bimanbondor Railway Station-

  • Upobon
  • Jayantika
  • Parabat or Kalni Express


Flights from Shahjalal International Airport –

  • Novo Air
  • US Bangla

Syhlet To Lalakhal


From the front of Osmani Children’s Park in Dhopadighi of the city-

  • Bus
  • CNG(Reserve Service)
  • Leguna(Reserve Service)

Food Restaurant

In Zindabad area of ​​Sylhet_

  • Panshi Restaurant
  • Pach Vai Restaurant
  • Palki Restaurant


Lalabazar and Dargah Road in Sylhet-

  • Hotel Hill Town
  • Gulshan
  • Dorga Gate
  • Surma
  • Kaykobad

Near in Lalakhal-

  • Northan Resort

The benefits of traveling to Lalakhal are-

  • Skilled travel guide
  • Improved transportation system
  • Security arrangements by Bangladesh Police
  • Luxury resort and healthy food
  • Improved travel facilities
  • Suitable for spending time with family, couples and friends
  • Beautiful and picturesque nature
  • Camping facilities
  • Boat Journey


  • Take an umbrella or raincoat if necessary
  • If you go in group form, the cost will be less
  • Many places are quite deep as a result of lifting stones, be careful when going into the water.
  • Bargain when buying, eating or fixing a car or boat
  • If you do not know how to swim, don’t jump into the water
  • Definitely take a life jacket
  • Avoid anything that is harmful to the environment.

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  • Hazrat Shahjalal (Ra.) Maraz, etc.