Lobachhara is a river of clear water at the foot of Khasia-Jainta hills bordering the north-eastern border of Kanaighat upazila of Sylhet. The greenery of the hills and the clear waters of Lobachhara have made the environment more beautiful. Along with that-

  • Lobachhara tea garden introduced during the British period
  • Old suspension bridge and Khasia village built in 1925
  • Natural lakes and fountains
  • Shrine of Miraping Shah
  • Antiquities of Mughal kings and queens
  • Ancient Dighi
  • Social forestry created by the stone quarry and forest department.

How to go to Lovasora

First Dhaka to Syhlet


Bus Stands in Dhaka-

  • Gabtali
  • Fakirapul
  • Sayedabad
  • Mohakhali


  • Greenline
  • Saudiya
  • S Alam
  • Shyamoli
  • Ena


Trains from Kamalapur or Bimanbondor Railway Station-

  • Upobon
  • Jayantika
  • Parabat or Kalni Express


Flights from Shahjalal International Airport –

  • Novo Air
  • US Bangla

Syhlet To Lovasora


  • Bus
  • CNG(Reserve Service)
  • Autorikshaw(Reserve Service)

Residential hotel

There is no good arrangement to stay in Lobachhara or Kanaighat. So you have to come to Sylhet city.

Different hotels in Sylhet-

  • Hotel Hill Town
  • Gulshan
  • Dorga Gate
  • Shurma
  • Kaykobad

Food Restaurant

There is no provision for eating in Lobachhara. However, there are some restaurants in Kanaighat. Besides, there are various restaurants in Zindabazar area of ​​Sylhet. Such as-

  • Panshi Restaurant
  • Pach Vai Restaurant
  • Palki Restaurant

The benefits of traveling to Ratarkul are-

  • Skilled travel guide
  • Improved transportation system
  • Security arrangements by Bangladesh Police and BGB
  • Improved travel facilities
  • Suitable for spending time with family, couples and friends
  • Beautiful and picturesque nature
  • Camping facilities
  • Boat Journey


  • Take an umbrella or raincoat if necessary
  • If you go in group form, the cost will be less
  • Since it is a border area, follow the border area guidelines.
  • Bargain when buying, eating or fixing a car or boat
  • If you do not know how to swim, don’t jump into the water
  • Definitely take a life jacket
  • Avoid anything that is harmful to the environment.

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