My lover, knowing about my pregnancy, left me alone, but then the unexpected happened

My lover, knowing about my pregnancy, left me alone, but then the unexpected happened

It turned out that the future father of my future child, when he found out about my condition, became very angry. Dmitriy begged me, argued, said that I was ruining his life, and then he started to insult me completely. He kept repeating that he wouldn’t give me a single penny, and he would never accept this child. I cried. But my mother supported me; she said there was nothing to worry about, and we would raise the child on our own without his involvement. My mother instilled confidence in me and gave me hope.


I didn’t see Dmitriy for almost a month, and one day we met at the store. He was with his parents. I must say, I don’t know if they knew about the child, but the fact that when they met me, they didn’t hide their hostility towards me, even though just half a year ago they were always welcoming to me and her. I greeted Dmitriy and his parents, and they pretended not to know me and walked past. I cried again; it was very unpleasant.


I couldn’t understand how this could happen. After all, the arrival of a child is a gift. Some people can’t have children and have to put in a lot of effort to correct that. And here, God blessed me with a child, and he, the father of the child, didn’t want anything to do with it. I cried all the time. It was difficult for me, but I understood that I had to be strong and think not only about myself but also about the little person.

One wonderful morning, I went to the hospital for a check-up. It was a routine check-up. When I came out of the hospital, it started raining heavily, and I had to call a taxi. On the way home, I talked to the driver and shared my worries. They say taxi drivers are like psychologists. He listened to me attentively and then said that it shouldn’t be like this and that he should take responsibility just like me.


When we arrived at my house, Andriy, that’s the taxi driver’s name, asked for my phone number. Without much thought, I gave him my number and went inside. The next day, Andriy called and suggested going for a walk, and I agreed. So, we started talking. There was nothing between us; we just talked like old friends. Andriy became my best friend who supported me and gave me the strength to go on. This was before the appearance of the child.

As it should be, in due time, I gave birth to a baby boy; I named him Andriy. At that moment, I was truly happy. Happy because only then did I realize that there is nothing more beautiful than holding a baby in your arms. Andriy came, he was the first to hold the child, and I saw a tear running down his cheek. Believe me, you can give up a lot for moments like these.


Then he went around me and made me a proposal. He said he loved me deeply and accepted the child as his own. When I heard that, I immediately burst into tears. I don’t even know what happened to me, but I just cried, cried with happiness. Of course, I agreed. Five years have passed. We have another daughter now, and we are the happiest family in the world.


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