Nicki Minaj caused a storm when she posted a pH๏τo of her first child

Nicki Minaj caused a storm when she posted a pH๏τo of her first child

On the evening of July 20, Nicki Minaj surprised fans by posting 3 pH๏τos announcing that she was pregnant and was about to give birth to her first child. With the usual style, the female rapper wears a ʙικιɴι with flowers and sparkling, colorful jewelry and high heels showing off her pregnant belly. Looking at these pictures, it seems that the due date is approaching.

Nicki Minaj mang thai con đầu lòng - Giải trí

News of Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy caused an explosion on social networks and “landed” on Twitter’s global trending section. Fans noticed that she edited the princess sticker in the post, most likely she will give birth to a baby girl.

F5 - Celebridades - Nicki Minaj dá à luz seu primeiro filho em Los Angeles - 01/10/2020

Previously, the “Super Bᴀss” singer had hinted about her pregnancy on social media, listing her cravings on Twitter like red meat and salad with jalapeños. Fans were curious and asked if this was a symptom of pregnancy, to which the female rapper replied, “I often have nausea in the morning and have to go to the bathroom many times. What do you think this is a sign of?”

Nicki Minaj announces she is pregnant

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Kenneth Petty got married in October 2019 after 1 year of dating. The 37-year-old star did not want to hold a lavish wedding and once caused confusion in the public when he announced his retirement to take care of the family. However, she promptly withdrew that decision and continuously collaborated with many famous singers.

Reveal: Nicki revealed her pregnancy back in July with a series of Instagram posts showing off her baby bump, one of which was captioned, '#preggers.'


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