Nicki Minaj’s Most Scandalous Looks

Nicki Minaj’s Most Scandalous Looks

The award for H๏τtest female of the year just may have to go to Nicki Minaj! In addition to her releasing her “Pinkprint” album, which has gotten rave reviews, she has not been afraid to show off her voluptuous curves this year! And we at OK! don’t mind it at all. Here’s a look at her most scandalous outfits. Enjoy!

Nicki minaj 07

Remember that time she showed off that chest on Instagram for her 12.2 million followers? If you don’t, no worries. There are plenty more instances!

Nicki minaj 09

The world went crazy when Nicki released her music video for her raunchy single “Anaconda.” She showed off abs, breasts, booty, and much more!

Nicki minaj 14

And who can forget when she just wore pasties over her breasts during a music video with rapper French Montana?! Hopefully Khloe Kardashian didn’t get too upset!

Nicki minaj 10

Nicki made everyone jealous when she showed what she’s working with for her Halloween costume! We think she was a dominatrix? She complete the look with some handcuffs! Dangerous!

Nicki minaj 15

And just in case we didn’t get a good enough look at the full attire, Nicki made sure to take another selfie! Why, thank you!


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