Sisters take late mother’s lamp to be appraised and learn it’s worth a fortune

Sisters take late mother’s lamp to be appraised and learn it’s worth a fortune

It’s a tradition in many families to pass special items down to the next generation.

But have you ever wondered what those heirlooms are worth?

Two sisters were moved to tears after finding out the worth of what their beloved mother left them.

They had a chance for their lamp to be appraised in one of the most popular shows from PBS.

The Antiques Roadshow moves from state to state where people in the locality can share their strangest and rarest finds or family heirlooms that are just collecting dust in their attics.

For this family, they shared the story of their Tiffany Studios Rose Helmet Lamp.

The beautiful piece screams the artistry of the antebellum age.

With urbanity reaching new heights and newer technologies giving birth to new crafts, these lamps became one of the most sought-after pieces of New York’s elite society.

The Tiffany Studios Rose Helmet Lamp, heavily influenced by the movement of Art Noveau, features a cover reminiscent of the war helmets of that time.

Roses are strewn on its stained glass pattern with muted colors that are easy on the eyes.

The sisters shared that the lamp was owned by their mother.
Their mother found the lamp in the advertisement section of their local newspaper.

Their mother knew what the lamp was and was eager to buy it off from whoever was selling it.

The person selling the lamp was aware of what kind of gem she had.
And so it’s strange that she was letting it go just as easy. The seller told her that the lamp belonged to her grandfather.


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