Teenager gives tour of ‘enchanting’ tiny home he built himself for $7,000

Teenager gives tour of ‘enchanting’ tiny home he built himself for $7,000

Tiny homes have become very popular all around the world. These homes are perfect for minimalists who want to live on a budget.

Plus, you can get very creative with them and make a tiny home reflect your personality.

I mean, who would have thought that you could do so much with such a tiny space?

People build their charming homes using shipping containers, house trailers, or just good old lumber and nails.
A young man named Tom learned all kinds of things through building his very own tiny home and now he’s able to give us the grand tour!

Tom was 17 years old when he started building his tiny home in Bristol England.
He was thinking more long-term than your average teen and saw how high the prices are to own a home.

Even just paying rent every month is a struggle, and Tom didn’t want to deal with that headache.

So he began building a tiny home on a beautiful stretch of property that happened to be his grandparents.

Tom built his house on a trailer hitch so he’d have a solid and also moveable structure in case he needed to go elsewhere.
It also helped that young Tom was an aspiring carpenter at the time.

He had little knowledge of how to do a project like this but learned a lot more along the way. Like most people who pick up any restoration van or tiny home project, they learn so much throughout the build.

Even if you think you’re a pretty skilled craftsman, there are always surprises that seem to pop up. But that’s the fun part, right?


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