Teen’s having grad party when 18 of his late dad’s fellow officers show up

Teen’s having grad party when 18 of his late dad’s fellow officers show up

When children are young, they typically have certain groups of people that they look up to. For some, it’s athletes, while others are awestruck by firefighters, soldiers, or movie stars.

For one young boy, it was police officers that he looked up to.
His name is Micah Schieber and he is no longer that little boy.

He graduated from high school and for his grad party, he decided to invite as many local cops as he could.

Now, Micah’s reasons for inviting cops to his party were extremely personal.
The reason that Micah loves the police so much is that his father was a police officer.

Unfortunately, Micah lost his dad when he was only six years old.

While running a marathon, Micah’s father had collapsed.

He passed away due to complications with his heart, leaving a wife and three kids behind.

Naturally, this was extremely hard on Micah, his siblings, and his mom.
In the video below, you can hear his mom speak about the tragic incident and the effect that it had on the family.

She noted that one of the hardest parts about it was watching her children grieve, knowing that there was no way that she could bring their father back.

There were hundreds of police officers that attended Micah’s father’s funeral.
This had a huge impact on Micah that has lasted until today.

He told Inside Edition, that having the police officers come to his house for his graduation party was a way for him to feel like his dad was still with him.

However, even though Micah sent out the invitations, he had no idea how many cops, if any, would show up.
To his surprise, eighteen officers pulled up to his house with lights flashing on their squad cars and smiles on their faces.

They lined up in Micah’s driveway and each took turns shaking his hand.

The teen had a little surprise for the police officers as well.
He put together party bags for each one of them and handed them out.

He also presented them with a gift that he had made in his welding class.


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