Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

18-wheeler accidents, also known as semi-truck or tractor-trailer accidents, are a serious concern on our roads. Due to the massive size and weight of 18-wheelers, collisions with smaller vehicles often result in severe injuries or fatalities. The force of impact can cause extensive damage, leading to long-term or permanent injuries that may require ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The personal injury lawyers at Borunda & Fomby PLLC specialize in 18-wheeler accidents help victims pursue compensation for their injuries and losses.

Common Injuries of 18-Wheeler accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): High-impact collisions can cause head trauma, leading to mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injuries. These can result in memory loss, cognitive impairment, and various other long-term effects.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The force of an 18-wheeler accident can damage the spinal cord, potentially leading to partial or complete paralysis, loss of sensation, and chronic pain.
  • Broken bones and fractures: The impact of a collision with an 18-wheeler can cause bones to break or fracture, requiring surgery, immobilization, and lengthy recovery periods.
  • Internal organ damage: The force exerted during a crash can cause damage to internal organs such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, or spleen, which may require emergency surgery and extensive medical treatment.
  • Burns and lacerations: Accidents involving 18-wheelers can cause severe burns from fires, explosions, or contact with hazardous materials. Deep cuts or lacerations can also occur due to broken glass, metal debris, or other sharp objects.
  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries: The sudden jolt of an 18-wheeler collision can cause whiplash, a neck injury resulting from the rapid back-and-forth movement of the head. Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and contusions, can also occur in various parts of the body.
  • Crush injuries and amputations: In severe 18-wheeler accidents, victims may experience crush injuries, which can lead to long-lasting nerve damage, compartment syndrome, or the need for amputation.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): The emotional trauma of an 18-wheeler accident can lead to PTSD, resulting in anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and other psychological symptoms that may require therapy and treatment.

Due to the severity of these injuries, it’s essential for victims of 18-wheeler accidents to seek immediate medical attention and consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to help them pursue compensation for their damages.

Determining liability: A personal injury lawyer will investigate the accident to determine who is responsible for the victim’s injuries. Potential liable parties include the truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, cargo loader, maintenance providers, and other drivers involved in the accident.

Gathering evidence: A thorough investigation is essential in 18-wheeler accident cases. A personal injury lawyer will gather evidence such as driver logbooks, electronic on-board recording devices (EOBRs), maintenance records, witness statements, and expert testimony to establish liability and the extent of damages.

Common Causes of 18-wheeler accidents:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Substance abuse
  • Inadequate training or supervision
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Overloading or improper cargo loading
  • Speeding or reckless driving
  • Adverse weather conditions

Compensation in 18-wheeler accident cases

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other losses. A personal injury lawyer will work to negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies or represent the victim in court if necessary. There is a limited time frame within which victims can file a personal injury claim after an 18-wheeler accident. This time limit, known as the statute of limitations, varies by state. A personal injury lawyer can help ensure that victims file their claims within the required time frame.

Handling 18-wheeler accident cases requires specialized knowledge and experience. An attorney who specializes in these cases understands the complexities involved, including federal and state trucking regulations, and can provide the best chance of securing maximum compensation for the victim.

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