When after 10 hours of labor, my wife finally gave birth, the doctor delivered unpleasant news and even advised us to simply detach from the child.

When after 10 hours of labor, my wife finally gave birth, the doctor delivered unpleasant news and even advised us to simply detach from the child.

My relationship with my wife developed very quickly. Once I saw her at a summer cafe when I went out for lunch, and I couldn’t resist asking her: “Can I get to know you?” She declined, but she didn’t know how persistent I was, so a year later, I proposed to her. There were long pursuits leading up to that, after which we started dating, and everything in our relationship was perfect.

We had a strong mutual love, and after six months of married life, my wife told me that we would have an addition to the family. “I’m pregnant,” she said, radiating joy. “I’m so happy!” I exclaimed, hugging her tightly. Throughout the pregnancy, I spoiled my wife and fulfilled all her wishes. We hurried to share the news with our parents; only my father-in-law wasn’t too pleased. “Do whatever you want, we don’t care,” he said. But I was so happy that I didn’t pay much attention to their reaction.


The pregnancy went well, and all the ultrasounds were good. However, my wife’s labor was difficult; she struggled for 10 hours, but in the end, we had a baby boy. After the birth, my exhausted wife fell asleep soundly. I sat by her side the whole time, and then the doctor entered the room. “Congratulations on the baby’s birth. However, I have some unfortunate news. During labor, the baby’s spine was damaged. Unfortunately, he might become disabled. If you choose not to keep him, we will understand,” the doctor said sadly. “How could this happen? The tests were fine, weren’t they?” I asked. “Unfortunately, it happened, although it’s a rare occurrence. Are you prepared to live with this for the rest of your life? Think about my words,” the doctor replied.

Upon learning this news, my father-in-law reacted immediately. He sent a text message saying, “Don’t count on our help.” It was very disappointing because besides them, we didn’t have anyone else. I had no family, but that’s another story. That’s when we realized we could only rely on each other. It was fortunate that my wife and I stayed together during such difficult times. Little Makar was just like any other child, except he couldn’t walk or sit. One day, while we were at a playground with him, a grandmother approached us and said she sympathized with us and knew someone who could help.


It turned out that there was a village nearby where a folk healer lived, and she said she could help us. The next day, we took Makar to her. A miracle happened within a few months, and our son started walking. Now he’s just like any other child. Makar started going to daycare, we enrolled him in dance classes, and he loves attending them. Sometime later, my father-in-law came to ask for help in treating his son, who was injured in a car accident, the same son who once told us not to expect any help from him. My wife simply said, “We don’t need your apologies. You erased us and our child from your life, so now we’re erasing you. Don’t count on our help.”


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